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Total respect. 

Not only was she the first female writer to make the Forbes billionaires list, she then became one of the very few people to take herself off that list by giving so much to charity that it actually made a dent in her fortune.

And she gets it. There aren’t enough generous billionaires in the world who remember where they came from, therefore private charity isn’t the ultimate (only) answer to poverty like some politicians would have us believe. We are all interconnected, we all need each other, in democratic countries we are part of the government, and so keeping needy people from falling into complete destitution and despair is an important and worthy role for government to take. It benefits all of us in the long run. And nobody who feels comfortable and secure now (fewer and fewer of those people around these days) has any guarantee they won’t need help themselves someday.

JK Rowling…reason numbers 2.7 billion why I adore this woman.

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Caetano Veloso, pena de pavão de Krishna.

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She lay beside me like a branch from a tender willow tree I was as still, as still as a river could be When a rococo zephyr swept over her and me She watched the water ripple ripple ripple ripple light Light watched the water ripple ripple ripple ripple she I did some kind of dance, jaunty as a bee I tried to look my best, a finch in wild mint vest A fiercer force had wrenched her from where she used to be I caught and caressed the length of her, a tender willow branch floating on me Well maybe this was all, was all meant to be Maybe this is all, is all that meant to be A rococo zephyr crept up and stepped over her and me Well I used to be sort of blind Now I can sort of see
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É por isso
Que as abeia
Mandaçáia e jandaíra
Sanharó e uruçú
Faz um mel que admira
Vendo as abêia
Bebê mel beijando as frô
Só rescordo o favo doce
Dos beijos do meu amor
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text 7 Feb Meu Cabelo, Arnaldo Antunes

Elisa, Elisa
Elisa, agarra o meu pescoço
Elisa, Elisa
Elisa, cata meus piolhos
Enfiando as unhas
E os delicados dedos
Na floresta
Desses meus cabelos

Que alisa, Elisa
Alisa e enrosca o meu cabelo
Elisa, Elisa,
Escova e o divide ao meio
Faz algumas tranças
Vai me descabelando
Nós crianças
De treze quatorze anos

Lisa, Elisa
Nós não ligamos pra ninguém
Elisa, Elisa
Um com o outro estamos bem
Teus vinte, meus quarenta
Se você pensa que isso
Me atormenta
Saiba que eu não ligo, Elisa


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